Hagen Collision CARSTAR is committed to helping the customers have a smooth experience in repairing
their car or truck. Customers are already under too much stress as a result of an accident. We concentrate
on these points to achieve this goal.
     •   We will have parts here at the shop before the customer arrives to eliminate delays.
     •    Repair car or truck in time allowed by the insurance companies, usually figuring 5 hour/day
working time per vehicle.
     •    Match paint to customer satisfaction with a lifetime guarantee on fading, cracking or peeling on
newer vehicles.
     •    Returning your vehicle in pre-accident condition with a lifetime guarantee excluding normal wear.
     •    Working with insurance companies using CCC Pathways and digital imaging.
     •    Treating customers in a pleasant way and answering questions they may have. Too many
customers are treated as if they don’t matter, their cars are too old or not worth an estimate. Estimates are
free and no one is put off because there is a low possibility of repair.
  We work with every insurance company. We have the training and technical
know how to get the job done right. We are a preferred shop for many
insurance companies. If we're not for yours just tell your insurance that you
prefer Hagen Collision CARSTAR.
We bring insurance companies and customers together. Safety and training are
always a part of our business. Government regulations including MSDS
bulletins and waste disposal are critical to the operations. No person is beyond
safety, the environment needs to be protected as well.
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